Industrial Production Safety

LLC SALYMNEFT carries out the development and operation of oil fields on the territory all regions of the russian Federation.

One of the basic principles of the production activity of the Company is – security production, raising the level of protection of the vital interests of the individual and society from accidents at hazardous production facilities and elimination of their consequences.

The Company's management is aware of its responsibility in the field of industrial security and assumes the following obligations:

To ensure compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of industrial security.

Perform activities to protect the vital interests of the individual and society from accidents at hazardous production facilities and the elimination of their consequences.

To improve the System of industrial safety management. For performing obligations, the Company will:

To evaluate the risk of accidents at hazardous production facilities and to reduce their level.

To improve production processes and use equipment and technology, ensure the safety of production.

Implement production control over compliance with requirements of industrial safety at hazardous production facilities.

Provide expertise and consultation in the field of industrial security.

Bring to suppliers and contractors liabilities of this Policy, requirements industrial safety adopted by the Society.

Environmental Management

We works to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities while undertaking progressive initiatives for environmental conservation to contribute to the creation of a society in which the economy and the environment are in harmony.

Basic Policy

We place priority on conserving the environment across all our business domains, operations and actions and seek to promote the following:

  • Pollution prevention
  • Rigorous implementation of compliance
  • Establishment and achievement of environmental targets
  • Development and widespread use of environmental technologies and products
  • Improvement of energy use efficiency and effective resource utilization
  • Enhancement of environmental management systems
  • Environmental Management Promotion Framework

LLC SALYMNEFT has established the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, with the role of secretariat assigned to the Safety, Environment & Quality Assurance Department, aimed at strengthening the environmental conservation activities of the entire Group. As in the case of safety and security management, the head of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters tours worksites to provide safety and environmental instructions and its secretariat implements safety and environment-related audits. Idemitsu also deploys environmental conservation managers and environmental staff in each department to promote autonomous environmental conservation activities in these departments.

Environmental Management Systems

LLC SALYMNEFT stipulates basic policies for environmental conservation in the General Principles of Global Environment. Based on these policies, the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters promotes ongoing environmental conservation activities. Also domestic and overseas business sites that have significant environmental risks have obtained ISO 14001*1 certification and are building and operating environmental management systems that conform to these standards.