LLC SALYMNEFT carries out its oil production and treatment, in the Russian Federation, an supplies its customers both in the Russian Federation and to the international oil and gas sector. LLC SALYMNEFT is a main distributor and partner with petroleum companies in the Russian federation.

On the balance of the group of companies LLC SALYMNEFT has obtained 53 oil fields . In 2015, oil production enterprises Group LLC SALYMNEFT is estimated to reach 4 million. 314 thousand. 510 tons of oil, 53.9 thous. The increase in production is made possible thanks to the intensive implementation of modern geological and engineering operations and drilling. The facilities of the enterprise has carried out 914 geological and technical measures.

Additional production from the activities undertaken was 375.4 ths. Tons, which is 9.2% higher than planned. In accordance with the license agreements were put into operation 22 new oil wells in six fields: Yuskinskoye, Central, Patrakovskom, Chernov Buranovskie, Novoselkinskom, Sosnovsky. On the implementation of environmental programs LLC SALYMNEFT has spent over it 800 million Rubles. LLC SALYMNEFT ranks among the largest taxpayers in the Russian Federation. The company will employ more than 4 200 people before the end of the year.


The tradition of taking care of its employees laid down in the company since inception. Today, LLC SALYMNEFT Collective Agreement stipulates all social benefits, including health care, spa treatment, financial assistance to veterans, workers at the birth of children, etc. Continues housing program aimed at improving the living standards of workers in the framework of which built two nine-storey buildings in Yakutsk and gated development in Kysyl-cheese.

LLC SALYMNEFT hosts industrial practice for more than 200 students a wide variety of specialized secondary and higher educational institutions of the republic and Russia, in the future have the opportunity to get a job at "LLC SALYMNEFT"." For young professionals provided the Company a personal allowance of 35 percent of salary, which is paid during the first year of operation.

Our company is a major charity funder. First of all, our assistance is directed to children, for example, today we are the guardians of the children's home Vilyui. Arzhakova, participate in a charity fund to support children with disabilities "Haryskhal" also allocates funds to the National Center of Medicine and etc. The company actively supports and cultural, sports and youth.

What We Do

  • Petroleum refining and manufacture and sale of oil products.
  • Manufacture and sale of petrochemical products.
  • Exploration, development, and extraction of petroleum, and other mineral resources.
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment.
  • Development, manufacture, and sale of functional electronic materials.
  • Design, installation, fabrication, and sale of various machinery, equipment, and devices for chemical-industrial and environmental-protection uses.